What we believe

Our Mission

At LMI we work collectively towards achieving these objectives:

  • To be a catalyst for the growth of industry in Ghana and Africa;
  • To be an example of a world class Ghanaian industrial business to the world
  • To create the enabling environment that attracts foreign investment into Ghanaian industry

Our Vision

The LMI vision is centered on these 5 areas known internally as the 5Ps:

  • People: Be a an employer of choice that inspires people to give their best always;
  • Product: Bring to the world a broad suite of product and services that are globally competitive yet locally relevant;
  • Partners: Build a lasting network of customers, investors and suppliers
  • Productivity: Be a highly efficient, lean and nimble organization.
  • Profitability: Maximize long-term return to shareowners while being mindful of our social responsibilities.

The LMI Values (P.R.I.C.E)

  • Passion: Commit whole heartedly to the cause and to the task
  • Responsibility: Take ownership, get it done
  • Integrity: Be genuine
  • Collaboration: We’re stronger as team
  • Efficiency: Work smart, simplify tasks