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LMI Utilities

We provide all-inclusive utility facilities to businesses and individuals through our subsidiaries Enclave Power Company (EPC), Datacom, Helios Solar, and Southern Water.

EPC is the only private power distribution company in Ghana, operating two large electricity substations and providing dedicated power supply to tenants in industrial parks. Datacom offers IT solutions and reliable internet services to tenants in the Tema Free Zone Enclave.

Helios Solar provides renewable and cost-effective solar energy, with its first utility-scale project being the current 16.8MWp rooftop solar PV plant situated within the Tema Free Zones Enclave.
Southern Water aims to develop a complete water treatment plant in the Dawa Industrial Zone, sourcing and treating water from the Volta Lake.

The group’s focus is on providing essential utility services to its clientele, including power, IT solutions, and water treatment in Ghana and beyond.

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LMI Utilities

Companies under LMI Utilities

Enclave Power Company Limited

Enclave Power Company (EPC) is Ghana’s only privately-owned power distribution company. EPC operates 165 MVA and 132 MVA Bulk Supply Points (BSPs) that supply energy to its valued customers in the Tema Free Zones Enclave and the Dawa Industrial Park, respectively.

EPC has an annual average energy distribution of 268GWh (based on 2023 actuals), maintaining an average monthly uptime of 99.5% per BSP. The company serves 175 multinational and local manufacturing companies located in the Tema Free Zones Enclave and the Dawa Industrial Park.

Among its distinguished clientele are multinational blue-chip companies such as Cargill Ghana, Barry Callebaut, and Cocoa Touton Processing Company Limited, which are three of the world’s largest cocoa processing companies. EPC also powers three of the largest steel mills in the country, B5 Plus and Ferro Fabrik Limited, as well as Rider Steel Ghana Limited, with a combined maximum demand exceeding 60 MVA.

Southern Water Company Limited

Southern Water Company Limited is dedicated to providing and distributing high-quality potable water to its valued clients. As a key player in the Tema Free Zones Enclave, Tema, and the Dawa Industrial Zone at Dawa, SWCL is committed to ensuring a reliable and sustainable water supply for industrial and commercial activities in these vital areas. With a rich heritage of diversification in Utilities, Construction, Land Sales, Warehousing, and Logistics, LMI Holdings brings a wealth of experience and expertise to SWCL, positioning the company as a leader in the provision of essential water services.

Datacom Telecommunications Limited

Datacom Telecommunications Limited (DTL) is a systems integration and network consultancy firm specializing in assisting medium to large enterprises in preserving and optimizing their investments in information and communication technology (ICT). DTL achieves this by performing periodic reviews of networks, systems, and the services operating on them.

In addition, DTL is an internet service provider, offering individuals, businesses, and other organizations access to the internet and a variety of value-added services. These services include colocation, managed services, security as a service, network as a service, and many more.

DTL’s value proposition lies in delivering simple, timely, and cost-effective solutions that meet clients’ needs. The company prides itself on offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee, thereby building and retaining client confidence.

Helios Solar Company Limited

Helios Solar Company Limited was incorporated into business in April 2015, to develop, own, and maintain utility-scale solar PV generation facilities by increasing access to a clean, reliable, and cost-efficient source of power – solar power. The company’s competitive advantage as an entrant in the solar PV generation market is its ease of access to a sister company and well-established power off-taker, Enclave Power Company.

Helios Solar currently operates a 16.8 MWp rooftop PV solar plant, with an annual yield of 24.75 GWh. The solar PV plant is estimated to reduce Ghana’s carbon dioxide emissions by a substantial 11,000 tons per year.

We are on a mission to be a catalyst for the growth of the industry in Ghana and Africa, be an example of world-class Ghanaian industrial business to the world and create the enabling environment that attracts foreign investment into the Ghana industry.

Ongoing Projects

LMI Holdings is involved in several major and ongoing projects, showcasing its diverse interests and commitment to development in various sectors. Some of these projects include

Solar and Water Treatment Plants

LMI Holdings has received a $30 million loan from the International Finance Corporation (IFC) to develop solar and water treatment and distribution plants. The solar plant will provide power to businesses operating on the within the Tema Free Zones Enclave while the First Phase Dawa Water Project aims to construct a 4,000 cubic meters per day water supply system to serve the industrial tenants within the Dawa Industrial Zone. This project will source water from the lower part of the Volta River using a conventional treatment method. The system includes an 18.8-kilometer raw water pipeline and an 8-kilometer treated water pipeline. The primary objective is to ensure a reliable and sustainable water supply for the industries within the Dawa Industrial Zone, thereby creating an enabling environment to support industrialization operations and growth.

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