In the early 1990’s, timber was generally used for the production of sleepers. This eventually brought up many problems as many countries faced the shortage of good quality timber. This therefore led to the production and usage of concrete sleepers which had and still has more advantages. For instance, concrete sleepers can withstand fire hazards better than the wooden sleepers; they do not rot like the timber sleepers, among many others.


Due to the increase in demand of concrete sleepers, we at LMI Holdings, have built a Sleepers Factory to meet this increasing demand. This sleeper plant factory is located at Dawa in the Ningo-Prampram District in the Greater Accra Region. It has the capacity to produce over 100 sleepers a day and thus, ensures constant supply of concrete sleepers to our country Ghana. With this, the railway sector of Ghana is expected to improve, leading to the growth of the economy as well as the creation of jobs for the people of Ghana.


In our sleeper factory, we have three production lines, two of them are for Standard Gauge Sleepers and the last for Dual Gauge Sleeper. There are various stages and processes involved in the production and these processes are; preparing the moulds, pouring the concrete, de-moulding, inspection and test and storage.


With this introduction, if Ghana takes advantage of such a project, the country is expected to save up to US$ 27 Million per annum in foreign exchange.

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