LMI Utilities encompasses Enclave Power Company, Datacom, Helios Solar, and Southern Water as its subsidiaries. Southern Utilities as a group is setup to provide all-inclusive utility facilities to businesses and individuals.

  1. Enclave Power Company (EPC) is the only private power distribution company in Ghana, owns and operates two of the largest electricity sub-stations in the Tema Free Zone Enclave and Dawa. EPC provides dedicated power supply to tenants within the two industrial parks.
  2. Datacom: Tenants in the Team Free Zone Enclave receive their IT solutions from Datacom; the provision of reliable internet services is one of its core mandates. Bedrock to Datacom operations is customer satisfaction and being able to the aid services concerning IT for tenants in the Team Free Zone Enclave.
  3. Helios Solar as a subsidiary is set to provide renewable and comparatively cheaper sources of power to its clientele in the form of Solar energy. Already in motion, Helios Solar is looking to develop 16.8MW rooftop solar plants within the Tema Free Zone Enclave.
  4. Southern Water aims to develop a complete water treatment plant in the Dawa Industrial Zone. It will source and treat water from the Volta Lake, the total production output of Southern Water seeks to develop 17000 cube meters a day, a powerful water treatment plant in the Dawa Industrial Zone.