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LMI Logistics

We offer comprehensive logistics solutions across diverse industries including Retail, Consumer Goods, Technology, Energy, Manufacturing.

Our services include bonded warehouse operations, customs clearance, international freight management, and more. We provide quick turnaround services and reliable bonded warehouse operations to support our customers’ business growth and sustainability in Ghana and other markets.

Sub-regionally, we are developing the Trans Volta Logistics network to streamline container transit from Tema port to landlocked nations such as Burkina Faso, Mali, and Niger.

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History Of LMI Logistics

International Warehousing Company

International Warehousing Company was established in 2004. International Warehousing Company is LMI’s subsidiary formed in response to the need for quality storage facilities in Ghana.

Its aim is to increase the operating efficiency of its clients by providing logistics solutions for them and their customers in a manner that is consistent with international standards.

International Warehousing Company (IWC) is a storage and warehousing firm with over 188,543.6 square meters of storage space in the Tema Free Zone Enclave, Mega Warehouse facility: Ghana’s largest warehousing complex. IWC in partnership with Johnson Warehousing Company Limited has constructed and leased out specialist warehouses to several blue- chip clients such as Cargil and Imperial Health Sciences (Temperature Controlled).

LMI Logistics

LMI Logistics was set up and duly registered in 2021 to provide world class managed logistics services in Ghana and West Africa. LMI Logistics has been providing freight forwarding services such as export and import services around the world via sea and air, customs clearance, and local distribution services.

With the provision of logistics services, LMI sorts to simplify and provide seamless logistics services for our warehousing customers so they can focus on their core business. Over the past three years, many businesses have benefited from our expertise in the logistics industry, and we continue to deliver on our customer promise: Endless Possibilities.

LMI Logistics Offerings

LMI Logistics

Companies under LMI Logistics

International Warehousing Company (IWC)

IWC delivers tailored storage solutions with unparalleled efficiency, designed to perfectly suit your unique needs. Also known as The Mega Warehouse, IWC has the largest single warehouse unit in West Africa.

Our Mega Warehouse is made up of three blocks and each block has a total indoor space of 25 664 m². There are two-story office buildings attached to each block, with 220 m² per floor.

Additionally, there is a total planned open yard storage of 30,000 m2. The Mega Warehouse has a 24/7 manned security presence, CCTV installation, and military presence at night

LMI Logistics redefines logistics services across West Africa and beyond. From start to finish, we’re dedicated to transforming possibilities into realities.

Explore the limitless horizons of success with LMI Logistics.

Intermodal Transport (Trans-Volta Logistics Network)

The Intermodal Transport (Trans-Volta Logistics Network)  is a $200 million multimodal corridor under development by LMI Holdings, set to revolutionize cargo and passenger transportation in Ghana and Burkina Faso. This ambitious project will connect the Port of Tema to Ouagadougou via Lake Volta, bringing unparalleled efficiency and convenience to the region’s trade and commerce.

The Intermodal Transport (Trans-Volta Logistics Network) Project is more than just an infrastructure development; it’s a catalyst for economic growth and regional integration. By enhancing trade and communication between Ghana and Burkina Faso, this project will foster prosperity and create new opportunities for businesses and communities on both sides of the border.

Ongoing Projects

LMI Holdings is involved in several major and ongoing projects, showcasing its diverse interests and commitment to development in various sectors. Some of these projects include

Intermodal Transport (Trans-Volta Logistics ) Project

LMI Holdings is spearheading the development of the Intermodal Transport (Trans-Volta Logistics Network) Project, a multimodal corridor with a projected cost of $200 million. This initiative aims to facilitate the transportation of containers and bulk cargo from the Port of Tema to a new center for upcoming industries. It is designed to support the growth of industries away from congested urban areas.

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