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The Sod Cutting Ceremony for the Debre Inland Port Construction under the Trans-Volta Logistics Project

DATE: 22 July 2022

VENUE FOR SOD CUTTING: Project site, Debre, Savannah Region.

LMI Holdings, a private Ghanaian conglomerate, has commenced the development of a $200M multimodal transport corridor, the Trans-Volta Logistics Corridor Project, to transport containers and bulk cargo from the Port of Tema to Ouagadougou via the Volta Lake. The Project will involve the construction of two (2) new ports at Akwamu – Korankye in the Eastern Region of Ghana (the Southern arm of the project) and Debre in the Savannah Region of Ghana (the Northern arm of the project).

The Trans-Volta Logistics Corridor Project
The development of these ports will combine unimodal and inter-modal operations to ease congestion at Ghana seaports and thus facilitate the transit trade of Ghana’s land-locked neighbors. This will enable imported goods to the Northern part of Ghana and other landlocked countries such as Burkina Faso, Mali, and Niger and vice versa to be transported on the Volta Lake to improve efficiency, deliver significant cost savings to traders and transporters, reduce pressure on our roads due to the proliferation of heavy-duty vehicles and increase the patronage of the Tema port.

Additional spin-offs will include the development of a logistics park at Debre to capture a greater share of transit trade volumes in the sub-region. The logistics park, to be known as the Debre Logistics Terminal (DLT), will be an ultra-modern Integrated Logistics Terminal consisting of a Container Service Yard (CSY), Container Freight Station (CFS), Reefer, Warehouses, Truck Parking Area, Trucker’s Facilities, Fuel Station, Commercial Complex, Freight Forwarders Offices, and facilities for courier, telecommunication, utilities services, among others. This will boost regional trade and value-added manufacturing, while reducing road traffic.

  • Additional benefits to be derived from the establishment of the Debre Port include: Decrease in general transport cost of international cargo to importers and exporters from the middle and northern parts of Ghana, including the Sahel sub- region;
  • Enhance export of various produce including cola nuts, shea-butter and cotton;
  • Advance the creation of export processing zones in the area of the port;
  • Assist in the provision of up-to-date infrastructure to meet current developments and technological changes in the shipping industry.
  • Enhance job creation efforts. The port will create directly a 1,000 to 1,200 direct jobs and over 10,000 indirect jobs in the area. This will bring relief to the youth who normally travel far from home looking for non-existent.

The RoRo phase of the project will be operational within the first half of the year 2024 and the entire project is expected to be fully operational by the year 2025.

Savannah Industrial Park
An extension of this project will be the development of a 1,000 acre industrial park at Yapei. The focus of the industrial park will be the development of Agro-processing to add value to agricultural products.

Ouagadougou Inland Port / Industrial Park
To emphasize the regional nature of this project, the government of Burkina Faso has invited LMI Holdings to construct an inland logistics port and industrial park at Koubri south of Ouagadougou.

Land acquisition & Government Engagement
Initial project agreements that have so far been undertaken towards the development of the Debre port include the acquisition of 219 acres of land, with plans underway obtain an additional 1000 acres for the logistics terminal. The 1000 acres for the Savannah Industrial Park at Yapei has also been acquired.

LMI Holdings is collaborating with respective local authorities, regulatory government agencies, commercial organizations and public stakeholders and authorities in the neighboring countries to pursue its flagship development; the primary objective of developing this very important infrastructure for trade facilitation in the West African sub-region.

About LMI Holdings
LMI Holdings is a highly diversified and unique Ghanaian conglomerate with a presence in the Construction, Industrial Park development, Real estate development, Warehousing and Logistics, Utilities and ICT sectors in Ghana. The company currently operates through its five main units: LMI Shamrock Group, LMI Land Investments Group, LMI Utilities Group, and LMI Logistics Group.

LMI Holdings is the primary developer and manager of the Tema Free Zones Enclave (TFZE) and the Dawa Industrial Zone (DIZ). It operates Ghana’s only private electricity distribution company, Enclave Power Company Limited (EPC).

Helios Solar Company Limited and Southern Water Company Limited, two other fully owned subsidiaries of LMI Holdings, in partnership with the International Finance Corporation (IFC), start the construction of Africa’s largest rooftop solar farm and Ghana’s only private water treatment plant, respectively this year.

As an organization, LMI Holdings is committed to sustainable growth through

For further information on this project, please contact Mr. Emmanuel Apotae – Manu on 02637929186 or

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